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Christ Church Earthquake 2010, September
credit: Paul Nicholls

Interactive google map of the initial 7.1M earthquake at Christ Church, Sept 3, 2010 and the following aftershocks.

A-pod 2

19 Aug 2010
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The right hand of dog

20 Oct 2009
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Today, John Sircusa re-tweeted a matching set of links from Devin Sanera on the placement of the movement sensor underneath the Apple Magic Mouse and prior research on the placement of motion sensors of mice in general.

Jonathan Hedley writes in, Why are mouse sensors in the middle of the mouse?:

"In a GUI, the mouse controlling the cursor is the fundamental link between the user and the computer. A strong connection is created for the user when the mouse performs well. The emotional attachment created between operator and system is strongest when the system does precisely what the operator requests. Imprecise controls make the operator feel that they are not in control: and so there’s a compelling case to get the design of the mouse right."


"...[most important of all], was the location of the mouse ball."

Too, fucking, right. Possibly one of the biggest overlooked issues with human computer interfaces in the last 20 years.