Posted by colby

I've noticed two articles[1],[2] in the last few weeks that have a picture from the old millimeter-wave array at Hat Creek Radio Observatory (HCRO), confused with the Allen Telescope Array[3],[4].


What you see in the Guardian and derStandard are 10+ year old images of an array that was used at HCRO until 2004. The telescopes were moved from HCRO in 2004 down near Bishop, CA (about 15 miles east of Big Pine, CA). These telescopes are now part of what is called the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter Astronomy (CARMA)[5],[6],[7]. Also, please der Standard, change your background color away from that vomit inducing cyanishness.

Depressingly, a Google image search for "Allen Telescope Array" turns up handsome examples of the ATA immediately...