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Added automatically generated method wrappers for calls into the GSL library using the object itself:

rgslffi GSL4r is a set of wrapper routines I'm creating around GNU Scientific Library (GSL) mathematical routines using the Foreign Function Interface (FFI) library for Ruby/JRuby. Using FFI helps avoid tying GSL only to the C based Ruby interpreters and potentially will make the library universally available across all Ruby implementations. Something we'd like to have while using JRuby for the ATA.

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While working on rgslffiGSL4r, I needed to define a mapping for the gsl_complex struct (we'll ignore for now that gsl_complex is potentially platform dependent).

Here's my attempt:

  class GSL_Complex < ::FFI::Struct
    layout :dat, [:double, 2]

    R = 0
    I = 1

    def real()
      return self[:dat][R]

    def imag()
      return self[:dat][I]

    def equals( a )
      return ( a[:dat][R] == self[:dat][R] && a[:dat][I] == self[:dat][I] )

    def set( r, i )
      self[:dat][R] = r
      self[:dat][I] = i
      return self

    def set_real( r )
      self[:dat][R] = r

    def set_imag( i )
      self[:dat][I] = i

    def to_s()
      return "(#{self[:dat][R]},#{self[:dat][I]})"
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I was stumped for a few hours on passing FFI::Structs into external routines, luckily, this post, 'Functions returning structures' (groups/google/ruby-ffi), tipped me off by showing how to return a struct by value:

From the C code:

    typedef struct
        int r, g, b, a; 
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From #jruby,

09 dec 2009
[10:35am] headius: if you set up hudson and put it somewhere we can slave it, I could make mine the master
[10:35am] headius: this is ubuntu 8.10ish I believe
[10:35am] headius: so it's not super recent, but hey, it's java, man
[10:35am] Seb left the chat room.
[10:35am] VVSiz: windows and macos platforms would be the most useful right about now :)
[10:36am] VVSiz: first, I don't have macos at all, so I can't run tests/specs on it at all, and always have to guesss
[10:36am] colby_: Okay, I will work on the following, macosx 10.5 and 10.6, windows XP and opensolaris 10 oct 09 release for sparc.
[10:36am] VVSiz: sweet
[10:37am] VVSiz: "ant spec" and "ant test" -- are the two most important targets

10 dec 2009
[10:20am] colby_: How about: /hcro/hudson/osx/leopard for no?
[10:20am] colby_: er now
[10:20am] headius: ok
[10:20am] colby_: hcro being Hat Creek Radio Observatory
[10:21am] headius: nice, ok :)
[10:21am] headius: ok, I think it's up
[10:21am] headius: http://jruby.headius.com:8080/hudson/computer/darwin/
[10:22am] headius: has jnlp instructions there too
[10:29am] headius: enebo: http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/consoles-compared-sony-playstation-3...
[10:30am] colby_: Awesome