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Kepler Objects of Interest, or KOIs, are planets. Well, maybe they are planets. Each KOI references a star and the fact that a planet may be in orbit around that star. As part of a data release to the public on 01 Feb 2011, the Kepler science team published over 1200 KOIs, 54 appear to be planets that are within the habitable zone of their respective star, i.e. an orbit that could support the lukewarm temperatures for liquid water, and therefore of immediate interest to anyone Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

setiquest launches

08 Feb 2010
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Each year, the non-profit "Technology, Entertainment, Design" or TED Group, holds a conference with invited speakers from around the world, in a kind-of "Big Thinkers" hoedown.

In 2009, Jill Tarter, a director and co-founder of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, CA, won a TEDPrize, which comes with funding to help jump start a wish that the prize winner would like to see fulfilled. Jill's wish is being fleshed out by the work of Avinash Agrawal and the creation of

A major part of setiquest will be to take raw data from the Allen Telescope Array and load it into cloud computing services donated by Amazon. Those who sign up with setiquest will then help create algorithms to search for signals that might be hidden in the noise.