AstroBaki, latex wiki for astronomy lectures

09 Sep 2010
Posted by colby

This project grew as an off-shoot of my efforts to latex lecture notes
on-the-fly for classes I took as a grad student here. The various
professors involved have agreed with my efforts to place these notes
into the public domain for editing, revision, and addition.

The cool (but still experimental) aspect of the wiki is that the
content can be written in pure LaTeX (inside of
tags), and a separate plugin under the hood interprets that content
into the traditional MediaWiki syntax. That means you can
collaboratively write latex-based papers in full LaTeX glory that
compile on their own, and if you paste that content into the wiki, it
will be rendered into HTML (although only a subset of that LaTeX
markup actually gets rendered visually for viewing--the rest is just
ignored). - Aaron Parsons

AstroBaki - Latex Wiki